Happy anniversary

To My SuperHero in Disguise,

Thank you for 17 years of: good times, weekend turtle times, UFO times, Kananaskis backcountry roadtrip

times, fireworks watching times, lazy-day times, supper on the sofa times, LEGO building times, date-

night times, crazy spazzing kitty times, Phase I MCU marathon times, happy times, indulging in my

obsessions times, so much owieness times, garden building times, fabulous times, midnight snack times,

laughing til we can’t breathe times, cleaning kitty messes times, overnighter train times, opening night

End Game times, weekend getaway times, Peter’s drive-in cheeseburger times, fun times, garden harvest

times, sad times, pear tree planting times, GodKidlets™️ times, Montreal & Halifax Jazz Festival times,

whinging kitty times, lovely times, ungodly appointment times, breakky on the deck times, hilarious times,

OMG the ‘sweater’ times, Korean shaved ice times, Vanilla WoW reminiscing times, scary unknown times,

bedhog cat times, thunderstorm listening times, backyard berry picking times, potential cat-io planning

times, official cat-io construction times, silly times, frustrating waiting room times, chocolate chip cookie

times, adventure driving times, unexciting times, experimental baking times, cultural festival times, buying

bee friendly flower times, weird idea times, new restaurant times, east coast vacation times, coming home

for lunch times, binge-watching Netflix times, desperately needing nap times, LUSH bath times, future(!)

planning(!!) times, skateboard times, snuggle times, and all those times I can’t remember to mention.

I hope we have many more years of life-times to come.

Love You Always,

Xoxo ❤️

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