My name is Jennifer and I live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband and our two three(!) cats: Jewel (aka Kitty), Sahmy & Kumiko. We also have a fourth living being that we deal with on a daily basis which is a huge part of our lives: SALLY.

SALLY is the name we’ve given to my combined auto-immune conditions over the years. The specifics being: In March of 2006, after almost a year and a half of doctors visits, specialist consultations and ridiculous numbers of tests (most of which involved a large needle of some sort), I was officially diagnosed with Scleroderma — more specifically: Progressive Systemic Sclerosis. In December of 2007, after a scary flareup of unknown cause, my doctors determined that I had a connective tissue cross-over disease and I was diagnosed with Lupus. Most recently, through participation in a clinical study, we discovered that I also have Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

Dealing with all the day to day stresses and uncertainties with SALLY, I wanted a place to keep all of my recipe adventures & completed crochet projects recorded, as well as have a place to keep an eye on what is going on with my treatments when living with multiple auto-immune diseases. Realistically, for those friends & family that live all over the world, I just wanted to share what is going on in my life while I try to keep some semblance of normalcy with SALLY when we don’t know how long my body will hold out.

The name ‘Purple Soybean Nap Avenger’ became my  Super-Sekret Super Hero name to go with a comic drawn for me a few years ago. The whole thing came about from a girlfriend who was trying to cheer me up while I was undergoing chemotherapy treatments and was based upon a bunch of silly descriptions I had to give her in response to a quiz she gave me. The results were mashed up and all the answers became the comic’s title and main character: Me!

I’ve always loved cooking & baking, and most recently in the last few years, crocheting has been my go-to activity when I’m in need of something to occupy my thoughts to keep them from delving too deeply into the realities of SALLY.

When I don’t have the energy for forays in the kitchen, I am a bit of a cookbook hoarder and tend to spend a lot of my time in bed with my large stack of books or reading other peoples’ cooking blogs on my iPad. Lemme tell you: tablets are the most amazing devices ever to be created for someone who has to deal on a daily basis with chronic pain stemming from the auto-immune diseases! Even if I am rendered sofa-bound for a day I can still keep up with friends, read books, do research, take stupid photos of the cats, or just get down with watching Youtube videos or stuff on Netflix.

I hope you enjoy checking out what I’m busy doing when I have the energy for Adventure!

June 23, 2015

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