Magic CSA Veggies!

I thought it would be nice to have a page solely dedicated to the awesomeness of what Noble Gardens has been producing for us each week.

This year, The Hubbs & I finally received the opportunity to sign up with a farm for a CSA share. CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture and is also known as Community Shared Agriculture.

For our program in 2012, this is what happens: Noble Gardens gives us a share of the harvest yield each week. The gardens are seeded according to the number of families they want to supply. Each week of the harvest season they measure and divide the available veggies by the number of families they are supplying. At Noble Gardens they do not have any work requirements from their members but do welcome everyone to come out and visit the farm!

For us, it’s a great way to help keep a local family farm in business doing what they want & what they love by helping them cover some of the costs (and thus burden and stress) associated with the year’s anticipated harvest. What we get in return for the financial contribution: an incredible variety of peak season, farm fresh, veggies.

I’ve dubbed our weekly deliveries “Magic CSA Veggies”, because to be honest, they truly are magical. I have discovered through our weekly CSA that some vegetables I thought I didn’t like, taste so different from their grocery store counterparts and as a result, it turns out I like them after all! Pure magic.

So without further ado, below is a link to each week’s post. I’ve also included a list of the veggies we received that day and what I like to call the “Treat of the Week“, usually something small & special that I’ve purchased at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Farmer’s Market, from another vendor, where we pick up our weekly vegetable delivery.


Week #1 July 04, 2012: butterhead lettuce, a small bunch of teeny tiny onions with the greens still attached (either that or it’s just a green onion with a really generous purple bulb at the bottom), swiss chard with gorgeous red stems and kale. The biggest surprise for our first CSA veggies: a beautiful basil plant!

Week #2 July 11, 2012: Kale, red leaf lettuce, broccolli, green onions and STRAWBERRIES!!

Week #3 July 18, 2012: Iceburg lettuce, huge green onions, more kale, yellow(!!) swiss chard, more wonderful strawberries.
Treat of the week: Highwood Valley Ranch minute steaks.

Week #4 July 25, 2012: kale, broccoli, monster romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, PICKLING CUKES(!!) and purple spring onions.

Week #5 Aug 01, 2012: Parsley! Baby Beets! Yellow Swiss Chard! Red Potatoes! Kale! Radishes! Onions! Purple Spring Onions! Yellow Zucchini!

Week #6 Aug 08, 2012: beets, giant zucchini, yellow zucchini, cucumber, one large purple spring onion, one small yellow onion, REAL baby carrots(!!), 3 little bell peppers, new baby potatoes, and a wee little head of cabbage!
Treat of the Week: two small bags of tomatoes from another market vendor.

Week #7 Aug 15, 2012: baby potatoes, butterleaf lettuce, golden beets, onions, return of the kale, a monster yellow zucchini, a bag of carrots, & a head of cabbage (which I gave to J & Miss R whilst at the market.)
Treat of the Week: Really Good Oatcakes from Urban Sunflower Market.

Week #8 Aug 22, 2012: beets, red swiss chard, purple spring onions, one yellow onion, one purple onion, broccoli, green beans, baby potatoes, and kale.
Treat of the week: bag of mixed variety potato chips from Urban Sunflower Market. ^_^

Week #9 Aug 29, 2012: a conical cabbage (yes, really!!), potatoes, carrots, kale, tomatoes, yellow beans, hot peppers and bell peppers, zucchini, onions, beets, and green onions!

Treat of the week: a small paper bag of wonderful little multi-coloured and multi-varietal baby potatoes from Urban Sunflower Market!

Week #10 Sept 05, 2012: lots more carrots, two cucumbers, lots of potatoes, kale, hot peppers, green beans, yellow swiss chard, celery(!!) and a couple onions.

Treat of the Week: GARLIC! It comes to us from Urban Sunflower’s market stall partner, Leaf & Lyre!

Week #11 Sept 12, 2012: super-ginormo beets! yellow zucchini, onions, purple cabbage, broccoli, red potatoes, green beans & our weekly supply of onions.

No Treat of the Week this week as The Hubbs wasn’t feeling so well.

Week #12 Sept 19, 2012: huge leafy celery, a leek, 2 onions, broccoli, bag of beets, red potatoes, last of the hot peppers, tomatoes, and an adorable spaghetti squash!

Treat of the Week this week: Kitty photo-bombing my veggies.

Week #13 Sept 26, 2012: slightly less prolific monster-celery, a lovely bag of red potatoes, some tomatoes, more cute carrots, a couple onions, a nice little bag of kale and a beautiful acorn squash.

Treat of the Week: a WINTER CSA SHARE WITH EAGLE CREEK FARMS!! (beginning mid-October 2012)

Also starting in mid-October: We are officially signed up for a full year of local grain and flour with Country Thyme Farm’s CSA that we will be sharing with some close friends.

Week #14 Oct 03, 2012: Our tiny little haul of a small head of broccoli, small bag of kale, a tomato, two onions and a bag of yellow potatoes.

Week #15 Oct 10, 2012: Our second last delivery of the year with Noble Gardens — beets, acorn squash, lots’o’leeks, potatoes, a spaghetti squash and a lone onion.

Week #16 Oct 17, 2012: Without further ado, our final delivery — purple kale, 2 little pumpkins, an acorn squash, 2 different kinds of potatoes, a couple onions, a purple cabbage, beets and a bunch of parsley.

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