I haz a Speedy

We bought a treadmill on Saturday and it was delivered and set up in twenty minutes flat this afternoon.

I am both excited and intimidated by this beast of a machine that’s sitting in the loft beside me.

I guess there’s nothing left to do but turn it on and try it out.

Wish me luck.


Sunny side up eggs, laying face down on buttered, toasted, cheese bread.

Damn it’s been forever since I’ve had eggs for breakky, let alone on TOAST.

I love bread too much. Toast with butter and creamed honey, garlic bread to mop up spaghetti sauce, ciabbatta with happy shrooms & cheese, baguette to soak up mussel juices, a fresh and still slightly warm loaf of cheese bread so you can eat it in the car by tearing out the squishy insides… yeaaaa.

In other news: Day 14 of Dandilion Patrol.

I have to think of something to bring on Saturday to a friend’s BBQ.

So far, nothing is grabbing my attention and I really have no desire to bring a dessert unless I absolutely have to (plus it sounds like there will be a lot of desserts anyhow).


Dulce de leche yoghurt with bananas & crumbled chocolate macaroons.

This stuff is so much better than ice cream.

Yesterday was Day 02 of Active and I died. The workout was way more streneous than Day 01. Today is my rest day from the Wii and it would appear that there are still no 10 dandilions popping up to say hi.

Foodwise, I had a pita with 2 eggs + 2 slices of (unhappy) bacon. I’m not 100% sure if my stomach is starting to come around to handling wheat again but I am trying to limit it to being at most once a day. So far things are feeling mostly alright.

I can’t believe how much stuff is in the fridge right now that isn’t on our normal grocery list: dulce de leche yoghurt, cottage cheese, sour creme, rice pudding, guacamole, microbrewed sodas, tons of different cheeses (I think I’ve got about 5+ or so)… it’s crazy!

I feel rather intimidated to be honest. The Hubbs doesn’t really eat dairy products, I just realized. He eats the odd slice of cheese here or there and milk with his cereal on weekends, but beyond that… I’m the main consumer of dairy. Wow. That’s a crazy revelation right there.

I look like a heathen.

Sooooo… yeah.

After dindin tonight, The Hubbs and I went off and did something we rarely do: We went out and about.

No particular destination in mind other than EB Games for The Hubbs to pick up a game that was released today (no idea what he picked up, sorry) and then perhaps to the top of the city for a bit of a walk.

Whatever game it was that The Hubbs wanted, he managed to pick up and we also picked up EA Sports Active for the Wii. I hadn’t intended on buying it, but I kept seeing the commercials on tv. I don’t even know why we bought it. Well, that’s not entirely true. The Hubbs is still trying to get me to up my physical activities level and if it involves something for the Wii that might be fun, encouraging and motivating, then so be it. He won’t even bat an eye.

So on top of having battled the Dandilions today, I’ve done one full workout with the Active. I hadn’t read any reviews on the product, nor had I even visited the website before right this very minute. Had I actually skimmed the box before purchasing, I probably would have given it back to the guy at the store to put it back on the shelves.

Why? I suppose it’s a rather silly reason, in the scheme of things: It’s endorsed by Bob Greene. Bob, who? Oprah’s former(?) personal trainer.

Regardless, it’s too late now. The box is open and everything’s already been unpacked.

Verdict? It’s more physically intense than Wii Fit by far, but little things about the game turn me off.

It’s cool that the game includes a resistance band and the thigh strap is rather ingenious, I just had a tough time getting the band to stay put the first few minutes of my workout. Turns out that sitting down and putting on the thigh strap is the wrong way to go — when you stand up, the strap falls right off your leg. My bad.

I will admit, I am far more attracted to cute than I am realism. Active is based on pseudo-realism, as opposed to (Wii) Fit‘s pure cuteness for motivation and encouragement. Having to design yet another avatar of myself within North American parameters is somewhat depressing and far less cute than using a caracatured Mii.

As for your personal trainer’s constant quips? I find it to be hugely un-motivating. The narrator/trainer’s voice during example sessions of how to do an exercise, I have no issues with. It’s when I’m doing the workout with the trainer that I get annoyed. It’s rather parrot-like. “You can do it!”, “Great job!”, “You’re doing great!”, “You can do better than that.”, etc, etc, etc… Fit’s voice is annoying too, but you know that it’s not meant to replicate a real person’s voice because it’s just an animated character on the screen trying to motivate you in a cute & fun way.

So how was the Active workout? Well… by the time my 20 minute workout was complete, I was drenched. I didn’t appreciate the program telling me that I wasn’t working hard enough for the workout I had chosen (easy), but that’s an inconsequential beef based on my own personal limitations. Fit would make me warm and a little bit sweaty, but not full on drenched to the point of needing a shower like I did tonight. As for the heathen-look? That’s what happens when I choose not to properly fix my hair before it air dries into its own craziness.

I guess this means I’ll have a few things to keep track of:

* Day 12 Battle of the Weeds
* Day 01 Active

On a completely different note, we went to Planet Organic after hitting up EB Games. I spent monays there.

As The Hubbs said, “Jeez you’re an expensive date tonight!”

I picked up a whole bunch of stuff, just wandering up and down the aisles, picking up stuff that sounded good: New Moon Kitchen Gluten-free cookies (chocolate macaroons), Real Brew Outrageous Ginger Ale (known as Natural Brew in the US), Liberté Méditerranée Dulce de Leche yoghurt (!!), a pack of organic strawberries, a bottle of Highwood Crossing’s Cold Pressed Canola Oil (aka Canada’s Olive Oil), and a bag of organic ginger spice hard candies (in hopes of settling my nausea while we were out and about).

I have two words for the yoghurt: OH. MY. GOD.

Okay, that’s three. Whatever.

Remember my whole thing about Liberté’s cottage cheese? I just had the exact same tastegasmic experience with their yoghurt. It’s smooth, it’s rich, it’s creamy, it’s heavy, and it doesn’t have that sour twang that makes your tastebuds juice. I also realize that it’s 8.5% milk fat. Yum.

The flavour of the dulce de leche isn’t cloyingly sweet, it’s just the right smoothness and sweetness to accompany the rich creaminess of the yoghurt. I could have possibly eaten at least half the tub standing at the sink. Damn that stuff’s awesome. I am a yoghurt & cottage cheese convert… at least to Liberté’s products. A couple more thoughts on yoghurt — Liberté also has a tzatziki sauce that I love and buy on the odd occassion. It comes in about 250ml tubs with a lid. It is extremely yummy. When I finish the dulce de leche yoghurt, I’m going to give their goat milk yoghurt with honey a try. That comes in only a small 150ml(?) container as opposed to the regular 500ml tubs.

I guess I know what I’m having for breakky tomorrow — sliced strawberries with baby bananas & dulce de leche yoghurt. Hawt Damn. I am excited!

Yay for sun!

I imagine that it will be short-lived, but it will be enough for another attack on the weeds.

We’re doing well on Day 12 of the Weed Battle.

I, on the other hand, am not doing so well.

I’m still exhausted beyond belief and I have apparently turned a slight shade of… green. o_O;

I was napping on the sofa yesterday afternoon and when The Hubbs got home, he sat down and took one look at me and went all worried.

Not wearing my glasses, he’d not noticed the very very bruised circles under my eyes and apparently I’ve turned a not so healthy shade of green. Emphasis on green, not yellow.

We shall see what Family Doc says next week when I see him for my monthly.

In slightly different news — The last two days have been rather sucky on the no-wheat-diet front. I’ve been so tired the last two days that I haven’t cared about what I’ve been eating for supper. The only thought processes were: Make food for dindin. Eat food. Go to bed. Worry about feeling sick later.

Having said that, because I stayed home while The Hubbs did a grocery run (very sad, I was not being able to go), yesterday we had for the first time in a really long time: Frozen pizza. o_O; It was my request and The Hubbs obliged by bringing home 2 different kinds: 1 Delissio Half & Half Rising Crust pizza and 1 Our Compliments indian flat bread pizza. I got to choose and the other went into the freezer for another day. He also brought home a bunch of other junky bits.

The Delissio was NASTY. Actually, that’s not entirely true. The parts of the pizza that had actually baked properly were alright, but the middle of the pizza and the side that was labeled “deluxe” was still uncooked and squidgey. Uncooked pizza dough is gross. As for their marketing tag line, “It’s not delivery, it’s Delissio!”? I can believe it’s not delivery and it’s so not delissio. YUCK.

So tonight, I’m going to make thai green curry with the last of the chicken and rice. That should be good enough.

Dandilion Patrol is back!

…Sort of.

It’s not snowing, but it’s still pretty darn chilly outside — just under 10C with cool winds.

Today is Day 11 of the Dandilion Patrol (thanks PT, for that one) and it wasn’t too bad.

Those dandilions that were brave enough to surface were anihilated relatively quickly and now we just hope for the warm weather to return.

Dinner tonight is going to hurt: creamy chicken noodle casserole using the chicken from the homemade chicken soup last week. In fact, I’m already feeling it just from taste testing.


It’s Day 9!

It’s a beautiful day outside and there weren’t too many dandilions!

They have been thwarted for another day. Yay!

Food is kinda meh again — I’ve been eating my greens, like a good girl should, but I’m rather bored.

My 2am snacks have consisted of 1 piece of swiss cheese, 1 piece of all beef balogne, a handful of alfalfa sprouts, 7 rather large romaine lettuce leaves and a little cup of ranch dressing forr dipping.

I’ve had a baby banana and my potion thusfar and I’ve got a small pot of wild rice on the stove. I tried to make something resembling Cooking Light’s Wild Rice & Barley Salad, but I’ve had to change the recipe to an altogether different beast due to a lack of ingredients.

I used bulgur instead of barley (that’s gonna come back and get me.. Hello, wheat!), craisins instead of golden raisins and I was originally going to throw in a can of kidney beans instead of the required chickpeas, but I realized that it was just too bean-y if I did that, so omitted them entirely.

Tasting the dressing mixed with the grains, it was way too much Dijon flavour, but I think that might actually be the mustard’s fault, not the recipe’s. The Hubbs noticed that the new bottle of Dijon is extremely potent compared to previous jars, in a sinus clearing sort of way.

I think I feel like doing something extremely gross: grapple + nacho cheez. Yea, baby.

Hawt Damn!

I am beyond impressed!

I’ve been sitting here sniffing the smells of my pulled pork for the last 3 hours and I decided I was done with waiting. I had to taste test. I’ve shredded the pork, there’s a little more accumulated juices at the bottom of the crock (yay!) and I’ve added about 2/3 of a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ sauce.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn it’s tasty! This is what I always imagined the texture of pulled pork to be! Before I dumped in all the sauce, I taste tested both the Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ sauce and the Honey BBQ sauces with the plain pork. Both were good, but the Hickory is what made it for me. I’ve never been a huge BBQ sauce fan, in fact I generally dislike it, so I was quite surprised when it actually tasted good with the pork.

So now there’s a pot of pork hangin’ out until The Hubbs gets home in 4 hours. I am so ridiculously excited for him to have dindin with me tonight. Because I brainfarted while at the grocery store yesterday, he’s gonna have to pick up a bag of soft squishy buns, a bag of coleslaw and some sour creme before coming home.

I will unfortunately have to pass on the buns, but I have something in the fridge that works just as spectacularly for me that’s not upsetting my tum — Corn tortillas! Holy cow, tasty! Of course, I was testing the pork with the tortillas because I realized that I basically made a neutral tasting shredded pork recipe. The fact I ate it with alfalfa sprouts is kind of curious, though. It would seem that I’ve been unconsciously seeking out non-wheat products as of late. This whole pain in tummy thing from eating wheat products is making me uber sad.

……. Damn ……

The dandilions popped up.

So much for avoiding them because of the cold weather ^_^

Day 8 of Dandilion Warfare.

Shredded Pork Recap: