So it was Family Doc day. One more appointment next week and then I am free for most of February until the end of the month when I go back again.

I even got to say hi to Dr.Fish! That was pretty awesome, seeing as I haven’t seen her in forever. She said I looked good and perky and she was happy to see that.

It was a fun hour or so. But late, as always.


Don’t you hate it when you go to see the [insert health professional here] and you come away from the experience with the exact same information you had when you went in? Yea. That’d be me… a LOT.

Every time, man…

On the other hand, I guess it’s safe to say that all the measures I’ve been trying to take, in effort to reduce the sodium, has been positive… there just aren’t that many places I can cut out the sodium any more so than I already have. (we won’t discuss my lapse in judgement last night that involved one of those mini cups of nacho cheez + scoopy tortilla chips *ahem*)

The big question is: Where in the world am I gonna find low sodium bread!? All the breads we have in the house have 320mg sodium/serving! (Dietitcian did say that Co-Op sells a 100% whole whea,t low sodium bread now.. I shall have to go on the hunt.)

So yea. Hmph.. stupid water pill isn’t helping me either.

The only recommendation the dietician had to offer me was to write down everything I’m eating with the sodium content, that way I can tell The Kidney Guy & Nurse Lady that I’m doing all I can about the sodium and I’m still puffy as a blowfish.

Potions plzkthxbai!


In other news:

Personal Trainer Cooking for the DS.

Great amount of amusement.

Stupidity at its best…

I don’t get it.

Even though I write ~everything~ out in my daytimer, there’s always one appointment that I randomly get wrong.

Like today, for instance, I thought my appointment with the Renal Clinic’s dietitian was tomorrow at 230pm. Turns out the appointment was today, not tomorrow -_-;;

So much for that. I had been looking forward to the appointment, too. So I called the office, appologized profusely (they were totally okay with it) and rescheduled for October 16th.


So yes, that was my afternoon. Panic.

This morning, was a completely different kettle of fish. I got woken up by a phone call from the Kidney Nurse Lady checking to see how things were going, how the blood pressure was doing, how the swelling/The Puff were getting on, etc etc etc. We had a discussion about the swelling, Mom’s dealings on me not taking the potions and some such other stuff. The call ended with her saying she’ll talk to “the boss” and then get back to me as to what we’re going to do with the idea of me taking a water pill.

[…Fast Forward a couple of hours…]


The Kidney Guy called both Hawt Doc & Rheumy this morning and from the sounds of it, Hawt Doc (to some degree) is still calling the shots. He has a thing for my kidneys, it would seem. The discussions that arose was that everyone’s rather leary of me taking a water pill/diuretic, and if they were to take me off one blood pressure med, Hawt Doc doesn’t want it to be the drug that he’s prescribed and Rheumy agrees with him. So for the next week, I am to drop the Avapro (drug the Kidney Docs prescribed for me since January) and see how the swelling goes and if my dizziness subsides.

As twisted as this sounds, I’m really really really hoping the swelling increases so I can get that water pill. I’m so sick of feeling the pain in my joints from too much sodium and just feeling like a bloaty fat whale, in general.

We’ll see what happens next week when Nurse Lady calls back :/

(Side note — I put way too much dressing on my salad. Ick.)

A few discoveries in my attempt at a low(er) sodium diet…

Salt, or some form of sodium, is in EVERYTHING. This isn’t earth shattering news, but it is rather surprising at the places and the amount found in some foods. It does occur naturally in some veggies, but those aren’t the issues we’re dealing with. Besides the obvious places like processed and convenience foods. The one place that always shocked me, where I thought I was doing a good thing by eating, was canned tomatoes and mixed beans.

The normal brand of tomatoes I buy, contain 300mg of sodium per 1/2 cup serving. If I buy the tomatoes with Italian spices, it jumps to 390mg. The brand that I bought this afternoon, Eden Organics, contains 0mg per same serving, with garlic & onions it comes to 5mg.

In the junk food department (cuz everyone needs a little bit of junk now and then), my absolute favourite flavour in the world for potato chips, sour cream & onion, comes in at way too much sodium no matter how much I wish for it not to. I found out today that Kettle Chips has an unsalted potato chip that comes in at 5mg per 1oz serving. Yay for me! And as much as people say, “What’s the point?” they’re actually rather tasty. They do have flavour and the lack of salt isn’t really an issue. I was noshing on a few of them earlier and I quite enjoyed them. The Hubbs readily admitted that they were not for him and didn’t care for it. That’s okay, more for me ^_-

The one thing that made me rather sad, when the Kidney Nurse & Doc highly recommended I switch to a low(er) sodium diet, was knowing that Chinese/Asian foods were going to be a really hard experience to try and alter. Hoisin sauce, sweet & sour sauce, fish sauce, black bean & garlic sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce… the list is endless. We won’t discuss my moment of depression when Nurse Lady said I shouldn’t be consuming fish sauce anymore. So that brings us to today. I found a brand called Mr.Spice that offers salt free sauces! *happy dance* To start with, I bought a bottle of Thai Peanut as well as a bottle of Sweet & Sour. I probably should’ve bought a bottle of the Ginger Stir-Fry as well, but it can wait for another trip another time. I’m most excited because the peanut sauce could be used with salad rolls for dipping. *squee!*

So yea.. those were just a few of the things I bought that will hopefully make the transition over to something healthier, a little easier.

(Lemme tell you, family dindin at Mom & Dad’s is going to be interesting… last night was a complete flush down the toilet night — Cooked foods from T&T Market: Fried smelt, Fried squid, stir-fried eggplant, beef & chinese radish, pork with black bean sauce. High salt heaven.)

Low Sodium success?

I don’t think so… but I tried and like The Hubbs said, I can’t realistically make a complete overhaul in one night.

So tonight we had for dindin: garlicky roasted butternut squash and some pasta with leftover spaghetti sauce with zucchini and smoked sausages.

All was great going until I opened the freezer and spied the sausages and boy, I am sorely regretting that addition (even though it was super tasty). My body feels all salted up and thirsty :P Damn not being able to have the potions as fall-back!

In an attempt to try and improve our eating habits, I went to the bookstore tonight to check out a couple of new cookbooks. There’s not much happenin’ out there (well, at Chapters in Dalhousie, at least) and so I’m going to be perusing Amazon amongst other places.

The only thing I have to look forward to at the moment in terms of cookbooks is Eat, Shrink & Be Merry. Lucky for me I stumbled upon their website awhile ago and will be partaking in their buy 1 get 1 free offer with a friend. Yay for affordability!

So yea. Will be on the look out for new cookbooks in the healthy eating department for the next while.

… Must remember to get my Cooking Light Annual Recipes Cookbook back from Miss R one day.