Super Sekret Christmas Gifts COMPLETE!

Yellow, Hobbes #2: COMPLETE!! ^_^


I’m the tiniest bit bummed that Yellow Hobbes didn’t turn out the same size as Original Hobbes — this would be due to the fact that I didn’t realize the yellow yarn I had in my stash wasn’t actually worsted weight like the recently purchased orange.

Side note for future reference: the random yarns you chose from your stash without first looking at the labels (on the assumption that all your yarn is the same weight) probably means that you are going to be in for a bit of a surprise in the end. Let this be a lesson learned. 

Still dunno why she puts up with me…


I took a whole shwack of photos of the kitties with Amineko on the weekend, and of the ones I didn’t use for the photo collage, this one of Sahmy was my absolute favourite. 

The expression on her face is hilarious.  

She looks like she’s ultimately resigned herself to the fact I was likely going to inflict all sorts of potentially insufferable poses on her when she had far better things to do: like nap in peace ;)

I do love her so =^_^= ❤️

Kumiko’s Thanksgiving Long Weekend Shenanigans 

Someone has discovered tree climbing…



So I was sifting through my ipad’s camera roll and suddenly realised that I have a LOT of cat photos. It’s a little awkward coming to that realisation.

I’d like to think that if we’d been able to have children as we’d originally planned, once upon a time (and still do wish so), these photos would be of human kids vs. feline furkids! 

How bizarre…

Someone I am truly thankful for…

Seeing as (Canadian) Thanksgiving is just around the corner a few days from now, I just couldn’t miss out on the chance to take a picture with this gentleman even though I was looking & feeling a little rough around the edges today.

This guy, FamDoc, is all sorts of awesomeness and has been a great partner in crime on this bumpy adventure with SALLY since the very beginning. 

It’s not often I say out loud that I am thankful or that I love my doctors for the work they do to keep me as healthy as possible; in FamDoc’s case it’s warranted and true.

 I ❤️FamDoc!


I love the comment a friend left for me on FB regarding this pic: “Looks like The Doctor and Clara” ^_^

Happy Anniversary to my Super Hero in Disguise.

Thank you for 13 years of: good times, UFO times, roadtrip fireworks times, supper times, soup times, happy times, garden times, fabulous times, snack times, stupid infusion times, burger times, fun times, sad times, lovely times, ungodly appointment times, hilarious times, sweater times, DQ Blizzard times, silly times, chocolate chip cookie times, driving times, frustrating times, sushi times, vacation times, lunch times, bath times, and all those times I can’t remember to mention.

I hope we have many more years of life-times to come.

Love You Always,