R.I.P. Bubbles

Bubbles is pretty much officially dead.

The Hubbs basically said that Bubbles isn’t even posting to the BIOS.

I am very, very, sad.

I’m not getting a new computer anytime soon, but I have taken The Hubbs’ old desktop, which has essentially been sitting in the office untouched since he acquired Hermes a few months back.

If we can save up some cash between now and my birthday, I might get an iMac.

But in the meantime, once again, I get The Hubbs’ old computer.

Edit: Okay, so Bubbles isn’t totally dead. We hooked it up to the tv and it works, albeit barely. The Hubbs definitely thinks it’s either the monitor or my video card. Either way, it’s not an easy fix :( 940pm

I killed Bubbles :(

I’ve had problems with Bubbles since Friday.

I was playing WoW and it did the weirdest thing where the screen would become all pixelated when I was in a certain realm then give me a black screen of death.

Today, I got pixelation in the login screen and then black screen of death.

I turned Bubbles off, let it sit for a bit, tried to turn it back on and I got the weirdest effect — a grey screen with white dotted grid and multicoloured vertical lines on either side of the screen… then the screen would fade to black from the outside, in and all that would be left are multicoloured vertical lines :(

Poor Bubbles has had such a difficult time of things.

HP Canada pulls through with flying colours!


I got a call from HP Canada this morning telling me that they will cover Bubbles this one time, post-warranty, at no charge. If, heaven forbid, Bubbles should have the same issue again, the cost to have repaired + shipping one way would be an unattractive $399.99 + tax. If the repairs are something including the monitor, motherboard, etc, that would incur an additional charge on top + tax… UGLY.

So yea: YAY!!

So after all was said and done with Customer Support, I went and called HP Tech Support and bought me their ADP Warranty for the next 13 months. This includes everything — including if I do something stupid like put my laptop on the driveway in the blazing heat of summer and forget it there. Ya, seriously. (Who does those sorts of things, anyhow!?)

After talking to The Hubbs about it all, he has come to the decision that once this warranty should expire and/or I am in need of a new computer, we’re moving me onto a desktop model. No more portability for me unless it comes in the form of a PinkEee or something cheap like $200 (god, there are so many of those out there!).

Yep, things are looking better again.