Food for thought.

Yesterday was the appointment with the CPC Dietician.

It was a rather fun-filled hour with the lady, compared to the rest of my appointments — but I think that has something more to do with the fact that the lady was super friendly & funny.

It was also kind of nice to have gone in and she’d already experienced someone with scleroderma & swallowing issues. I guess the team’s biggest concern was that I’m not absorbing enough nutrients with the small quantities I consume at meals and when I keep barfing stuff up after eating.

According to the Dietician, compared to other patients with chronic pain, I’m doing pretty awesome — I have a regular eating schedule, I eat smaller meals at mealtime, I take supplements and have a can of Ensure daily (well… except weekends). Yes, she said she could get nit-picky about my diet, like there’s not a lot of variety, could use more fibre to deal with the constipation issues, eat more in the fruits & veg department but really, as far as she’s concerned, if I can keep some things down that I eat and maybe consider the idea of taking an Omega-3 supplement on top of my current multi-vit, calcium, vit.D & magnesium cocktail, I’m doing alright.

She couldn’t really come up with any brilliant suggestions beyond what I’m already doing mainly because I’ve already pretty much established what I can or can’t comfortably consume. For example, when talking about adding fruit to my daily food intake, we discussed that it would basically end up being an entire meal for me because my stomach can’t accomodate much more volume than what is a normal sized apple, or pear or plum. When given those two options, she would rather I skip the fruit and have my normal mini meal instead because basically it’s a difference between eating sugar & fibre (in the case of the fruit) or a bit of fibre, calcium and protein (in the case of a small sammich).

But having said that, maybe I could try incorporating a smoothie into my day for extra calories/fruit/fibre — it would give me some fruit, some fibre, some calcium and if I added a protein powder or something, that pretty much makes it a decent meal for someone like me even if it takes me more than 2 hours to consume. I could also be adding things like flax seed to baked goods, not that I generally eat the stuff I bake, but I it would definitely benefit The Hubbs’ diet since he’s been recommended to significantly up his water & fibre intakes.

Really, I think the only positive change we could come up with was to try and add more fruit & fibre to my eating, even if it’s in the formed of apple sauce or canned fruit cups. I guess when your body’s not normal, all the rules go out the window and you take what you can get, how you can, in any form you imagineable o_O

The only other thing we touched on was my weight gain, since that’s been the biggest issue on my mind. The Dietitician thinks it’s gotta be all the meds in some way, shape or form that’s causing the weight gain. Calorically, I’m not eating a lot to begin with and if I’m barfing up at least 1 meal a day, that’s even less calories consumed than when originally calculated so there is the possibility that my body may be thinking it’s in starvation mode — meaning that I’m generally eating so few calories that my body’s hording everything I consume because it’s scared I won’t be eating again for a long time. I asked if I added to my diet one smoothie a day into my eating would it make me fatter. She doesn’t know for sure, but it would definitely help to get more good stuff into me if I don’t barf it up, unlike a lot of other things.

Apparently a lot of the CPC patients have a problem of eating extremely irregularly, if at all, because of their pain — some of them gorge one large meal a day starting a 4pm and that’s it for their sustenance and usually it ends up being complete crap like 3 big mac meals from McD’s or something. Admittedly, I’m also not as physically active as I could be, but since the goal of the CPC to getting patients active isn’t so much to prep them to become marathon runners or anything like that, it’s just to get them onto the path of mobility and maintenance to have a better quality of life. So the energy expenditures are rather low.

So yea, yesterday still left me with typical day of “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to tell you. You already know what’s going on with your body and what you can or can’t handle… so yea, sorry.”

She did give me a couple of handouts, just so she wouldn’t feel badly about not having given me any information at all to take home to mull over. One is on Omega-3’s and the other on Non-Obstructing/Modified Fibre Diet Guidlines.

The Omega-3 handout wasn’t particularly interesting: up my intake of fish, which I totally would if I had unlimited funds to pay for sashimi. Change my regular eggs to Omega-3s, use canola oil for cooking, use a canola oil based margarine spread like becel (ew ew ew) for toast, and maybe add some ground flax seed to the stuff I bake. Out of that list, I’m thinking only 3-4/5 of that list is realistic for me…. the becel margarine spread just makes me ill and I really have no idea how The Hubbs can stomach eating it :x

Reading the Modified Fibre Diet sheet, it’s kind of interesting. Everything on this sheet is totally against what Canada’s Health Food Guide recommends for healthy eating: Choose refined breads and cereals, canned or cooked fruit without skins, well-cooked and canned veggies, cooked potatoes and yams without skins, well cooked tender meat, poultry and eggs, creamy nut butters, fish & seafood (except shrimp). Avoid any breads containing cracked wheat, multigrain, bran, whole seeds, nuts or raw/dried fruit like raisins. Avoid wild rice, stringy fruit, peels of fruits with tough skins like apples, pears & grapes, membranes of citrus fruits, fruits with small seeds like kiwi, figs & berries, drid fruit. Avoid raw veggies, leafy veggies, veggies with small seeds like tomatoes, cukes, zucchini, stringy veggies, tough skins/outer coatings like peas, pea pods, corn green/red peppers, eggplants, mushrooms. Avoid tough fibrous, gristly meats, shrimp, nuts & seeds, dried beans, peas. Other things to avoid: popcorn, coconut, olives, pickles, relish, dried fruit candies, jams with seeds.

That’s a heckuva lot of stuff to avoid and miss out on in the food world. Of course, as with everything, if my body can handle any of the “avoid” list, I’m more than a-okay to go ahead and continue eating them. But if there are some things I can’t eat, there are the alternatives.. and in this case, the alternatives make me sad thinking about eating things like soggy canned vegetables, like green beans, a la MIL.

I will try and change my diet some.

Not drastically, since that’s been pretty much a bust everytime I try to instill some new hardcore regime like having a salad with dinner every single night, but perhaps little bits as they feel right.

Maybe I will start with buying those Omega-3 eggs, and try eating oatmeal once or twice a week made horchata-style and adding a small bit of ground flax meal to the pot. If I could convince The Hubbs that we need to go out for sushi so I can get my Omega-3 levels topped up, you think he’d go with that? ;D

And maybe I can try adding a smoothie into my daily intake of foods… it might mean we’ll have to start adding soymilk, bananas, fruity yoghurt, chocolate syrup and peanut butter to the grocery list on a more regular occassion.

We’ll see how it goes… baby steps… baby steps.

In the meantime, this was breakfast:

Horchata Oatmeal
2 1/4 cups horchata made with milk
1/2 cup steel-cut oats

In a small pot, bring horchata to a boil.
Add oatmeal and turn down heat to simmer, stirring occassionally.
Cook for 20-25 minutes and serve.

Not being a huge oatmeal lover, this was pretty darn awesome for the first significantly snowy day of winter ^_^

Oh and guess what? MY LITTLE CAR IS FINALLY READY!!! I get to bring Eggnog home tonight! :D

In the meantime, we’re at T-Minus 45 minutes until the Oxygen Peeps show up at my front door.


It’s snowing…

snow snow snow snow snow.

Kind of a severe shock to the system given the last 2-3 weeks of relatively gorgeous weather, that we’ve had.


I guess it was bound to happen at some point, right? :S

I’m kind of hoping that the weather will be nice by Sunday for the trick’or’treaters… snow is never fun on Halloween.

Having said that, seeing the snow is making me want to put up our Christmas decorations outside — this year we’re going to decorate the pine tree! We found some HUEG (LIEK XBAWX!) shatterproof balls that we can hang on the tree this year. Seriously, these things are the size of a cantaloupe and will look pretty snazzy on a snow-covered tree. They’re big. And red.

Got a call from the Autobody shop, good news, the man says. Dealership’s finished with doing whatever it is they needed to do for my little car mechanically and it’s going to be heading to the body shop at the end of the day. In about two weeks time, I shall get my little car back, possibly even with my Hello Kitty decal re-applied! If they can, they’ll try to put it back on for me. I thought that was a rather nice offering they made given that I’ve been without my car coming on 2 months now — Ya. Srsly. 2 months.

Wow… Insurance company FINALLY got back to me, after leaving two messages with the guy this week :P

So the appraisal has been approved and the total damage so far has come up to $5700. This doesn’t include any unseen damage which may be found when they fix the car, but if they do find stuff, they’re allowed to go ahead and fix it and they don’t see it becoming too much more expensive.

At this point, the guy’s telling me that it should take about 5 days to fix, then I can get my little car back. If the autobody shop calls me late in the afternoon on whatever day, I’m allowed to keep the rental car til the following day, which is kinda nice.

So hopefully this means I might get Eggnog back next week!! I miss my little car.

*fingers crossed*

Checkit OUT!

So I hadn’t posted any official pics of Eggnog at all.

Didn’t really see there being much point, to be honest.

Seeing as my car is now all Hello-Kittified, I figured I should at least post two pics — one of the interior and one of the exterior. I must appologize, the pics in general are not that great because I’ve been dealing with trying to recover from last night’s awesome time at The District Pub… there were raw oysters and a dark chocolate stout cake involved. I think that is pretty explanetory of my current condition.

The pictures aren’t fantastic, given I took them with The Hubbs’ iPhone, but you’ll get the gist of it.

Really, what this means is, you’re just going to have to come up to Calgary and visit me and ride in the Kitty-fied car ;D

Driver’s seat


Probably a little late…

…But I imagine Calgary will have at least one or two more cold spells before spring makes its brief appearance.

The Hubbs & I actually went out to Costco this morning to get a few much needed (and not so much needed) stuff like epsom salts, shampoo, a few pairs of jeans, some socks, etc…

A few too many hundred dollars later, we headed to Canadian Tire.

Because Tamagotchi is a diesel, it runs really really cold especially when the temperatures fall! The heaters inside just don’t cut it for me, especially when I’m dealing with Reynaud’s. So we bought me a seat warmer… and then I saw a seat cover that I had to buy just to make Tamagotchi mine:

I never intended on putting girly stuff inside Tamagotchi (though the earlier conversation about hanging an old tamagotchi from the rearview mirror did amuse me), but it was kind of hard to resist.

… And then PT suggested that we see if Fuzzy could find me this. I could be up for that kind of addition ^_^

My car has gender issues..

It would seem that my little Smartie has some issues it needs to work out — or perhaps it’s just me.

I keep thinking of it as a boy and thusly keep wanting to call it Artie, at least in my head.

Turns out, The Hubbs is adamant that Tamagotchi is a girl.

I didn’t know this until a few days ago.

“Because SAM is a boy, Tamagotchi has to be a girl!” he says.

My car is a cross-dresser, perhaps?

It’s an egg!

Tamatamaaa made the observation that my new little Smartie looks like an egg.

In the midst of all the discussion, Softie came up with the perfect name: Tamago.

For those of you who are unaware, according to Wiki: Tamagoyaki (also known as tamago or dashimaki, literally meaning “grilled egg”) is a type of Japanese omelette, which is made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg. These usually are prepared in a rectangular omelette pan called a makiyakinabe. It is served as a Japanese breakfast dish, and often included in bento boxes as well as being a popular sushi topping. There are several types of tamagoyaki, both sweet and savory.

So it has been decided.

My Smartie’s name is not going to be Artie, but Tamago.

And just because it’s funny, remember this?