Almost done…

Well I didn’t quite get EVERYTHING accomplished, but some meats got cooked and stock got made. “Everything Soup” will definitely get made tomorrow and I’ll do the frozen biscuits then too. Even more exciting: I have a little more room in the fridge now!! :D

It might have been possibly unrealistically stupid to attempt making so many meals while I had the evening to myself, but I’m still pleased I managed half the list below because I am still panicking slightly about the upcoming Round #2 of Infusions.

Plan is still to try keep making as many already prepared freezer meals to dump into the deep freeze so we don’t even need to decide how something needs to be cooked, we can just pull out the meal, reheat and eat.

Today’s almost completed ambitious list:

1) Sousvide cooked lambchops

2) Spatchock roast chicken

3) Everything Soup — assorted carcasses stock, cubed roast turkey, pesto potatoes, cheesy zucchini & garlicky green beans

4) Homemade frozen herby-cheesy biscuits (!!)

As a bonus I even took pics because it amused me so ^_^

Lamb chops ready for their 3 hour 57°C bath
Vac-sealed spatchcock roast chicken & sousvide cooked lamb chops!
Pressure cooked assorted poultry stock for “everything soup”!