Things to do for 2011

I think I have decided to make a concerted effort to start a journal.

Not an online one, but more of a doodle book of stuff. From what I’m gathering, it’s currently the “in thing to do”, but that’s not why I’ve decided to do it. A few weeks ago, I had written about the Happy Sponge and how I was thinking I might start a journal for things that made me happy so I could look at it when I’m feeling crummy. I finally did it this morning.

The day started off less than stellar (Hello, Moose) and after a couple of hours of semi-restful, but mostly fitful sleep, I got up to make some breakfast and cracked open the notebook I got for my birthday.

What really made me click into wanting to start my journal was reading this blog entry on Journaling 101, so to speak. Giving myself permission to use the book as a catch all for brain dribbles no matter what form they come in, be it written, doodled, or glued. I especially love the reminder of glueing.

When The Hubbs & I were dating, I used to pick up all sorts of little mementos from places we had gone to — business cards, matchbooks, pictures (when printing pictures was still considered the norm), etc. It was just a lovely reminder of things we had done together. While we were cleaning out the loft a few months back, I stumbled across one of the old notebooks I had bought when we in Chicago and it was filled with the three week trip I had made just after graduation. It was filled with receipts from restaurants, ticket stubs, restaurant menus & business cards, along with random things I had written about each little item and what was going through my mind at the time. I want to get back to that. It was a really small glimpse into what we did, but it brought back a flood of memories that made me happy.

My aim is to use it for a little bit of everything, not just limiting it to happiness only. I’m not putting any restrictions on what goes into it, we’ll just see what happens as it happens. I’m hoping that it will eventually become a fulfilling piece of… something. What? I don’t know yet.

So that has been the start to my weekend: The Happy Sponge Journal.


Well, I’ve finally gotten a start on Homework Assigment #1.

It’s not much more than an introduction, but it’s a start.

I really should get myself a notebook or something — I realize it’s not absolutely necessary, I could just find something in the house to make do with, but it seems like such a shame not taking the opportunity to pick up something where I could have a hard copy to go back on and look and doodles and ideas or brainstorms on stuff. Oh well. We’ll see what The Hubbs says to the idea of spending more money on another rather frivolous item this month.

Because the rush of ideas came to me at 630 in the morning, I just rolled over and grabbed my iPoad Touch and started plugging away on my Awesome Notes App. It’s a good thing it has email capabilities or I would’ve been kinda screwed.

Homework Assignments

Wow… I honestly didn’t think that there were so many people interested in me learning how to write and excited to give me homework assignment ideas.

I’m still working on starting my first assignment, but I wanted to write another one down so I wouldn’t forget to attempt it in the future.

This is going to be a very slow process, and I don’t really want to be inundated with stuff left, right and centre, but it’s nice to see that I won’t be at a loss for people I can ask for ideas.

As a side thought: Now I understand how people mindlessly eat while they’re trying to avoid tasks..

*eyes the bag of chocorate coverd jujubes again*

Thoughts on productivity.

So, as we all know, I am failling in the productivity/life purpose department.

For the last while, I’ve been brainstorming with The Hubbs about things I could possibly do to make me feel like I have a purpose or a creative outlet in which I could be spending more time on, in a more intellectual manner.

There haven’t been very many ideas, but one that keeps popping up on the radar is creative writing. Now, I’m still 100% unsure of how this idea even popped into The Hubbs’ mind, but I am starting to consider it in more detail.

I’ve discussed this possible undertaking with a few people and they seem to be in agreement with The Hubbs that it’s something I could probably do quite well. It’s just a matter of learning how to get into the process and gradually build up to something that would eventually be fluent and articulate.

I haven’t yet decided as to whether or not to make the journal public since I have a few issues when it comes to having people read my work. I don’t know why that is, but I’m trying to work my brain towards having people see what I’m accomplishing.

…Now I just need a title for the blog…

So yea, that’s that.