First real knooked and felted project!


Oh my goodness, I did it!

I actually made my first real knooked and felted project!!

It’s so adorable — I can’t believe I actually did it! It could obviously stand to some improvement, but I did it: I knooked in the round AND I felted it!!

The pattern is Tiny Owl Knits’ Heartfelt Ring and I did it!


I am so incredibly chuffed! Next ring I make, and believe you me, I NEED to make more rings — this requires some serious practice, you know — I’m hopefully going to have already visited The Loop in Kensington for a few mini skeins of yarn. Though I believe they refer to them as cupcakes ^_^

I’m so excited!

Once I get the hang of properly knooking in the round, I’m going to start making some Hexipuffs! What I really should be doing is practicing basic knit & purl stitches with the knooks. I haven’t really made anything since my first two washcloths and it’s high time I rectified that situation.

Then again, I am feeling rather guilty about having abandoned my candy cane spice worm mittens from December 2010. Perhaps I should seriously buckle down and finish those… but I’m on a roll!

I have the motivation and excitement to do another ring or two! The biggest problems I had with working in the round was not getting my life line all tangled up and trying to identify the proper stitches I was supposed to work in.

As decent as my first ring looks, the felting hides a lot of sins. I am well aware of the poor workmanship I have just created and my stitches weren’t even or even correct in quite a few places — I was just sticking my hook in willy-nilly, any which way, just to make a stitch a number of times.

Purple People Eater Blanket

Last night I put The Hubbs on trick’or’treat candy patrol for the majority of the evening and I got about 1/3-ish of the blanket completed! Examining and thinking about my handiwork, I don’t know if I will make the pattern in its entirety. I want the blanket to be snuggly for M‘s size, but I don’t want it to be a massive blanket for an adult to be snuggling with, does that make sense? Actually, it will probably be okay once completed…

I have come to the realisation that Lion Brand Homespun SUCKS ASS. OMG that stuff is hard to work with. I bought a different band of yarn with similar bulkiness/fluffage and it’s not nearly as troublesome to work with :/ I think it’s also a little prettier too, actually.

I realized last night after I finished up for the evening that I should have maybe waited til I had all my colours bought before starting the blanket. I have 3 solids + 3 variegated now and I wish I had planned a little bit more about how I would stagger the colours before starting — maybe alternate solid/vari/solid/vari etc.. Right now it’s more like solid/solid/vari/vari/vari/solid. I could have easily fixed that last night before adding on the new yarn but I was feeling so sick and in so much pain last night that I just wanted to start working on it to distract myself from taking more Moose. If I can find the camera I might take a pic of it.

I am about 1/3 of the way through thte pattern and I am pretty sure that I will have too much yarn leftovers :/ Although, maybe (hopefully?) I will have more than enough yarn remaining to make some mittens and hats for C & M. I am pretty sure I will have full balls leftover. Some of the variegated are actually quite pretty, but for some reason all the yarn looks rather grey-ish at night which for some reason worries me immensely that M will not like the blanket :( it is definitely a squishy blanket that works up quickly without too much boredom, which is great! My only issue is that the yarn is so drying that it’s causing painful hangnails o_O;; Maybe I will make The Hubbs & myself a log cabin blanket when all is said and done, if I’m still motivated by the end of this.

Candy Cane Spiceworms

The new mittens are coming along slowly, but surely.

I had to redo the cuff twice three times, and I restarted the palm twice, because I didn’t like the way the thrums were turning out.

I basically frogged the whole mitten the first time I had completed 3 rows of the palm, basically taking each and every thrum apart and making them a lot smaller than I had originally started with.

It would seem that there’s still a bit of a learning curve to making thrums. This roving is a lot coarser than the variegated blue fluffies I was using for Dad’s gloves last week. The cranberry colour is a fun fibre to learn with — I’m learning to pull off only small chunks and gently ease even that small amount into something smaller and thinner, still, to make the thrums of a generally even thickness. It’s taking a lot more time than my first round of glove making, but also a lot more satisfying to some degree because these are for me.

…. At least, they’re for me, for now …

In the meantime, here are just a couple of pics of the Candy Cane Spiceworms in their beginning stages:

This yarn is so bulky and there’s so little per ball (50g/60m) that I think I may be screwed. I have 4 balls total on hand and I had bought it back when K1C2 was having their going out of business clearance sale, so there’s no chance of buying more.

This stuff is so beautifully soft and squishy… but damnit, yea I am pretty sure I won’t have enough to complete the set. So what I’ve decided is that I am going to allocate 2 balls per mitten, hoping to get the body completely finished to the fingertips with 2 balls and then use some other massively bulky squishy yarn to finish the thumbs – in fact, if you recall the green yarn I used for the Woolly Blanket of Doom, I still have some of that left. I’m going to make the thumbs green.

It may clash.

It may not.

I finished a project!


Seriously, this is incredible! I haven’t finished ~anything~ since the Baby C&E blankie. I started a couple of things back in the fall, like the Easy Peasy Bag II, but I haven’t finished anything at all. My mojo is seriously lacking and this damn cold just hasn’t been making life any easier.

On the flip side, I actually had a semi-active day yesterday. It made me feel like utter sh*te by dinner time, but I was rather proud of the fact I got myself properly dressed for public viewing (minus the hair) and I went off to Chapters to do a little browsing (picked up Interweave Crochet + Crochet Today! Mags) and then back over to Home Sense up by Costco here just to see what they had on offer for kitchen toys. Imma looking for a Mukka Express still. I dunno why I have my heart set on one, but I really do.

I don’t think I was gone for more than an hour, but by the time I came home I was pretty much beat… then The Hubbs suggested we take EggNog (The Hubbs has officially renamed the car to Eggnog and for some reason it’s sticking) back out for a wash given that CNY is coming up and everything needs to be nice and sparkly clean.

Awhile back (holy crap! That was January of 2009!), I had bought a couple of beautiful hanks of this sky blue cotton. I had pretty lofty ideas for this stuff — I figured I would make something like a shrug out of it for spring/summer to wear overtop a tank or something. Didn’t happen.

I started with the intention of making a cute little shrug, but I am not a small girl and crochet ~eats~ yarn like nobody’s business so two hanks of anything ain’t gettin’ me anywhere I need to be.

So yesterday night, at some ungodly hour, I changed my mind. The long abandoned shrug (of which, I vaguely recall starting in the summer when I was dandilion picking) turned itself into what I’d like to call a cowl. In reality, it’s just a neck warmer. It’s a little snug, but it’s nothing a few wearings won’t fix. Yes, I could have done the smart and proper thing by blocking it, but I just don’t roll that way and we all know that.

So here I sit.

In the office.

In relative comfort.

With a ridiculous looking neck warmer on, that smells like.. well.. cotton.

Neat ^_^

Pics may come eventually, don’t hold your breath.



That was a rather interesting experience.

I don’t think I’ve ever had my breath taken away from me so painfully in my life.

Truth be told, it wasn’t THAT painful… but it certainly wouldn’t be categorized as being a pleasant experience.

We’ll see what happens in 2 weeks time when I see Family Doc for my monthly visit.

Worst case scenario would be his office calls me up to say they wanna see me earlier than that.

Keep your fingers crossed, everyone.


In other news: As consolation prize for a rather cruddy start to 2009, I got to go “squishy shopping”.

It seems like the hard times may be starting — Knit 1 Chat Too is going out of business after a year of trying to sell the business and so everything in the shop is on sale. Yarns, books, mags, patterns, as well as all the hardware in the store like shelving units, sofas, tables & chairs. It was rather sad to see given that the owners of Make 1 Yarns is also trying to sell their business, though not shutting down to my knowledge.

My splurge for the month consisted of 4 magazine back issues, 4 balls of squishy 50% merino/50% alpaca and 2 hanks of this gorgeous sea & sky blue cotton.

Now it’s time for me to make some lunchie and throw dindin in the crockpot.

Home & happy, but tired as all hell…

I had a great weekend.

The Hubbs & I were invited to the cabin to get away. Vegas was a no-go for me, so this was probably the next best thing on the list places to go for a short jaunt.

As always, the only agenda for everyone was just kick back & relax and enjoy the company. The guys had planned for a weekend of gaming while the girls would do their crafty thing and the tv was almost always on in the background for everyone to enjoy.

Speaking of TV, I watched Dr.Who for the first time this weekend. Me likies! We had only watched a few episodes, but from what I did watch, I enjoyed it.

Everytime we go up for the weekend, I always end up lamenting the fact that we don’t go away enough and have a place where we could get away to. I realize that it involves money (duh) but in my mind, some days I wish we had our own little cabin to escape to on a regular basis.

Anyhow. Yea.

So the weekend started with me waking up at about 730 Saturday morning to bake. I made baby rum cakies to celebrate a weekend at the cabin. It always amazes me when I make the rum cake recipe that it makes so many cakes (12) and that there’s just under 1oz of rum in each cake. That’s a lot of booze to be had in a rather unassuming little cake and there’s now been a warning issued to anyone who chooses to consume one that they are not to drive afterwards… or at least not start the day with one for breakfast ^_^ Five cakes were consumed and four remaining cakies were given to D & K to thank them for inviting us and J & R got the rest.

We finally got to hit up the Knit & Caboodle yarn store in Canmore! Everytime we go to the cabin, for some reason it never occurs to us to go into town on the Saturday to check out the shops instead of Sunday. This time around The Girls made it a top priority to hit up the yarn store on saturday so we could all get our yummy fibre fix. I didn’t originally have any intentions on buying anything in the store, but if I had found something that I liked I would buy it with no guilt or remorse. It’s a great little shop that I quite enjoyed hanging out and molesting the yarns. There was a lot of pretty stuff that I would consider buying if I had specific patterns in mind, but on the whole I was content just to roam around.

I did end up making a couple of purchases which made me rather happy: 2 skeins of recycled sari silk(!) and Leisure Arts Cute Little Animals pattern book.

For the last year or so, I’ve been hitting up The Wool Peddler website and oggling their recycled sari silk yarns page. I’ve been dying to buy a few skeins of this stuff to play with but have been avoiding it because I didn’t want to have to deal with shipping and the $CAD issue. Imagine my absolute delight at having found out that Knit & Caboodle carries Mystic Silk by Makalu Yarns! Not only that, but it turns out that Makalu Yarns is a Canadian company! OH MY!

There was a lot of *squeeing* going on, needless to say. When I bought it, I thought I’d make a little handbag out of it like the easy peasy crochet bag, but now that I’ve had it in my posession for a little over 24 hours, my mind is shifting towards turning it into an artsy-fartsy-indie-type of scarf. I have no idea why that popped into my head, but it seems to be an appropriate destiny for this yarn. It’s not a soft yarn by any means, but it has interesting texture and the colourway is a bit of an acid trip, just like the brightness of most saris, but I’m still rather pleased. I am surprised that I didn’t end up buying a usual pink colourway, but rather the green-lavendar as shown above.

The Cute Animals book is adorable. All the amigurumi patterns inside are super cute and the descriptions that go with each is hilarious. I noticed that a couple of the patterns (the dog & cat) remind me of Pochaco & Chococat, respectively. So far, glancing at the instructions, the pattern is more clearly written and understandable than my other amigurumi book. We’ll see what happens.


In other news, I slept all day once we got home this afternoon.

I’m still trying to figure out what’s causing me to completely shut down and I don’t know where to begin. It seems to happen everytime we have a weekend where we do stuff. I think it could be exhaustion, but I’m not sure. I was up since about 630am yesterday, didn’t have a nap and went to bed at midnight. That and there was the short trip into town to the yarn shop which was a wee walk from where the car was parked, plus an hour or so of standing around the store.

Maybe it’s lack of sleep?

Maybe it’s lack of oxygen + a little bit of physical exercise, combined?

Maybe it’s too much social stimulation?

I wish I knew, but I just don’t know.

I am under the assumption that the same thing will happen when we go for our annual pasta night dinner at the Rimrock in Banff in two weeks… hell, this whole month is jam-packed full of stuff that I figure it’s going to be rather tiring on the whole.



It still amazes me how much I like oatmeal nowadays.

I don’t make it the same way Mom used to (read:OH HELLO BROWN SUGAR!) and I have to admit I like it more when left to my own devices.

I’ve learned to make steel cut oatmeal and I like it made as normal, but when it’s time to eat, I pour in enough milk to make it soupy.

Cools it down to a temperature when you can just slurp it back. Remarkably convenient for a fast breakky ^_^

I’ve been up since 730 and I’ve had about four hours of sleep. I’m rather awake and bright eyed & bushy tailed.

Since waking up I’ve finally managed to frog the last two pieces of the PPM bag and I think I shall recycle them into another easy-peasy type bag. I’m thinking of making a small messenger-shaped tote using the ugly yarn, leftover green plaid and hopefully one more wool-blend, assuming I have enough of any colour in the stash to do so. *fingers crossed*

So yea, I’ve had breakfast and those are the plans for my waking hours. Dunno how long I’ll be up before the need to nap kicks in, but I’m optimistic that it will be more than 4 hours.

[Edit: I want a Cinnabon now, thanks a lot]


I finally got my ball winder!!

After 4 long months of waiting, I can now make pwetty balls of yarn! :D

Somehow or other the owner of the store convinced me to buy a swift to go with… dunno how it happened, but it did.

I just wound up my very first ball of yarn and all I wanna do now is squish it.

Although really, they look more like little cakes.

If nothing else, I think I wanna buy yarn just to make cakes!

(…Of course, now the office looks like a medieval torture chamber..)

Okay, it’s killing me…

Anyone want yarn?

… For free or trade for something else …

I can’t stand the sight of it anymore.

I need to get rid of this variegated Moda Dea Cache in Rave, shown in the middle, it’s driving me insane:

The specs are here. I believe I have about 12 balls of the stuff. Take it all!





Lots of pics…

I’m on a project roll… I will probably burn out.

No matter.

The pics under the cut are for those people who need to choose yarn for me to work on, everyone else can go on their merry ways or just oggle the cute kitties.

The evil eye “You’re interrupting my nap” Kitty

The “What do you want?” Sahmy