Looking for some stuff…

So we got an email a few weeks ago from our friends J & R saying that they would like to restart our D&D game again. I have no ideas what the details were since I wasn’t actually on the email list (rather odd), but The Hubbs told me the gyst of things and we kinda went from there.

Since J&R don’t have nearly as crazy a life as they did last year with having a farmer’s market stand and a garden outside the city to upkeep on their own to supply the veggies as well as the garden they have at the house, they are hoping to get some sort of regular D&D schedule going.

They’re looking at once every two weeks, which seems reasonable enough. Since we missed the last gaming session, things have changed slightly. I don’t know why, I didn’t think to ask to be honest, but we’re no longer playing with the brand spanking new edition. Instead, they have decided to go back in time and work with the first edition books from the mid 80’s. Wow.

To be honest, I’m actually quite pleased with this — I was really uncomfortable with the new books and didn’t like the way my character ended up being and the rules seemed rather bizzarre to me. So now we’re going back to basics, so to speak. I still have Tiny Bubbles, but she is no longer a warlock, she’s a mage. Yay Mage! :D

Unfortunately we didn’t get a LOT of gaming in yesterday since everyone was sorta playing catch-up in having to re-create their characters on paper with new stats and stuff, so there was a lot of sitting around twiddling thumbs as people had to share the one player’s handbook.

Here’s where I’m hoping my fantastic LJ world comes in. I’m looking for this:

First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook

and this:

First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Unearthed Arcana

I’m kind of hoping that someone out there has a copy of these that they’d be willing to part with and I could buy off them. I realize that a lot of people hold onto books for sentimental reasons and I totally understand. But if on the off chance someone might be in the midst of purging some old stuff and happen to have these books on hand that they are willing to part with — I’d love to give them a good home.

I have a feeling that there is a pretty small likelihood that this exists in any of my friends’ collections, but I thought I would put it out there on the off chance I would be wrong.

I live!!!

Well, yesterday’s day of D&D went far better than I expected.

My fears of being unable to play well with others was untrue and I had lots of fun! My fears of being the person that everyone would get impatient with because I’ve not played in more than a decade was swept aside by the fact that everyone was learning to play with a somewhat new set of rules anyhow. So me not knowing what dice to roll, or what spells to cast or what to say in what circumstance was perfectly okay. One of the guys playing (a rather stocky and unsociable Dwarf fighter) said that it would take at least a few meetups before everyone would be comfortable playing and awkwardness smoothed out. Now that I’ve gotten the hang of what my spells are capable of and what my companions are like, it’s going to be a little less intimidating next time we get together.

I was rather exhausted by the time we’d finished (started around 1130am and finished just after 330pm), but that’s only because I had woken up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 700am and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies to bring along to help aid in the feeding of hungry players. Needless to say, the cookies were welcomed with open arms and muchly appreciated. Our host & hostess provided us with a fantastic lunch that was roleplaying appropriate for the afternoon: homemade bison stew with a wonderfully fresh sourdough boule from Cobs Bread Company and lots of butter for slathering on the soft bread.

I am proud to say that I, or rather Tiny Bubbles, a 3’9″ Halfling Warlock with a rather stunning amount of charisma, survived her first day of adventuring.

The Hubbs was glad I went, our Host & Hostess were glad to see me, and if anything, bringing such a girly character brought some comic relief just by her appearances alone. Speaking of, I’m going to have to actually flesh her out a bit.

The Hubbs made her Friday night, before our gaming session, while I was completely stoned out of my gourd, so I didn’t have a clue as to what I’d be dealing with until he presented her to me the next morning. He even named her, which brought a lot of laughs and I guess the name was appropriate. All I know is she’s small (okay, tiny), she’s charismatic, intelligent-enough, but definitely not wise or perceptive to her surroundings. We established that she’s cute, but a little flighty, definitely girly, likes pretty things, gets distracted by shiny and a bit of a scaredy-cat. I think The Hubbs was rather amused given he let the computer randomly generate the character, he only plugged in the race, class & gender that I chose.

Somehow, Tiny Bubbles decided to pair up with The Hubbs’ very unattractive Human Druid Mikhael at the start of the game and spent the first night together at the most expensive Inn in town while the rest of the party found their own preferred accomodations. Mikhael, being so unattractive (The Hubbs’ words, not mine), learned from past experience that he had to find a way of earning peoples respect even if it meant having to do and pay for frouffy things that he personally did not care for. Apparently having a companion who is small, girly, very charasmatic and attractive (or extremely cute, from another race’s perspective) is handy to have around for getting extra luxuries offered in a world where there are so few. The ugly Druid obviously benefitted greatly after a nice steaming hot bath with scented oils, a shave & haircut. He was far less offensive looking AND smelling, needless to say. As for being such a tiny girl, even in the world of Halflings, it’s nice to have a companion bigger than you are because then they obligingly lift you over big puddles in the road and protect you from big scaries. Having a shape-shifting Druid in panther form sleeping in your room at the Inn is also a great deterrent from thieves.

So all in all, I think I will partake in what appears to tentatively be a monthly day in the land of the make believe. As long as the party of Human Cleric, Human Rogue, Half-Elf Shaman, Dwarf Fighter and Human Druid are happy to have me join them in the future and my tiny girl doesn’t get eaten by a scary Frog Creature that’s bigger than she is and has the ability to swallow her whole, we should be alright ^_^

Next time — Bacon cake shall be accompanying us to the party.