So… yeah.

I had appointment this morning. Nothing of excitement — we’re jacking up my base steroids by 10mg for a week just to see if it makes me feel any better. Doc asked me to humour him. If I feel better, we keep on the new doseage, if I feel no different I am free to go back to my normal one.

Not the reason for the post though.

After the appointment, Mom & I stopped in at the Shopper’s Home Health Care store.

We were looking at scooters.

It turns out that they had a rather recent sale of them that we totally missed and I’m kinda disappointed by that :(

The scooter that they were showing us, that I requested be easily transportable, is the 4-wheeled GoGo Elite Traveller Plus and comes apart in 4 very bulky sections. The regular price runs about $2,500 and comes with a basket and changeable coloured panels. Not only that, the last Thursday of every month they offer a 20% senior’s discount. So then the scooter drops down to $2k and NO TAX. And if you’re really super duper lucky, sometimes Shopper’s puts all the scooters on massive sale for 25% off ¬_¬

Yeah. Really.

So herein lies the dilemma:

Buy a scooter that is relatively portable but is still a beast where each piece weighs a minimum of 30lb (heaviest is 35lb) @ 20% off.


Buy the Active-Lite Scooter that I’ve been eyeing up that I could probably, on my own, dismantle and transport without help at a more expensive cost of about $3k.

Which would you go for?

(And no, you can’t say to buy this one, instead!)