My Favourite Recipes

I thought I ought to make a page dedicated to my absolute favourite recipes.

I would like to think that if I ever made an old-fashioned recipe collection box, these would be the recipes that you would find had been passed down to me from Mom, I had handed down to my children, they would pass down to theirs, and are the recipes that I am known for, amongst friends & family.

There’s no particular order as to how I am listing them, yet, but just know that these are definitely the recipes that I claim as comfort food in my kitchen.


Banana Cake & Pineapple Upside-down cake — Banana cake is my absolute favourite cake in the whole wide world. I didn’t grow up with frosted birthday cakes as a child, nor did my mom make sweet treats with any great regularity, so this is a highly coveted recipe in my memories from childhood.

The Hubbs’ favourite cake is his mother’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I tried it once and I’m sorry to say that it was definitely not my cup of tea. This recipe, though, definitely is something to get excited about.

Gingersnaps & Cinnamarolls — These gingersnaps are the soft kind because I tend not to enjoy crispy cookies. For a really nice treat: make a ginger-y cream cheese frosting, sandwich between two cookies and indulge with a nice hot cuppa.

The cinnamon rolls are a recipe I acquired eons ago, when I was still in junior high, and has never failed me. The measurements are a little queer because the recipe was reduced to a manageable quantity for a classroom setting — but in my opinion, it makes the perfect quantity of sweet buns to be enjoyed for a family of two without worrying about what to do about leftovers.

Christmas Fruitcake — Yes! Really! It’s a pretty decadent cake once you take into consideration all the dried fruit, nuts and RUM, but it is not a difficult recipe to make. Yes, I spent an entire month babying this cake into its rum-soaked best, but it was damn well worth it in the end.

Scottish Tablet — This is now a traditional Christmas treat and is highly appreciated amongst our circle of friends.  The recipe is authentic, discovery of it & thanks go to a dear friend from Scotland.

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