Gettin’ all excited..

Started a new dishcloth — yea, it’s just a dishcloth, but it’s a really cute and simple pattern.

I was going to do this pattern to start with, but for some reason my brain got all jumbled up, so I’m opting for the paw pattern instead.

I don’t think there is going to be anything wrong with me doing just dishcloths, for now.

I’ll make something more adult in nature some other time… like, maybe a scarf…. eventually.

At least I know I can use dishcloths for whatever I may feel like, plus I have something like half a dozen balls of crafting cotton that I’ve purchased from when I first started crocheting. No better use for them than dishcloths!

First Ipponbari project finished!

I did it! I finished my first washcloth!

It’s not much to look at, but… Je suis très fière de mon accomplissment!

So yea. It’s a done deal. My first “real” project is complete.

Front of facecloth

Front of facecloth detailed zoom

Back of facecloth

Back of facecloth detailed zoom


I just realized that I haven’t posted anything about my knooking progress… and I’ve come to the decision, that I really don’t like the term “knooking”. I’ve noticed that when people come up with hybrid crafts and name them by mashing up both words together, it sounds so… lame.

It’s a washcloth! First project, second attempt — right side of work.

Knooking? It just sounds so… ew.

This of course is coming from ~me~, the girl that’s always naming things for no apparent reason.

So I guess I could go about just referring to it as knitting with a crochet hook. Or I could just incorrectly call it knitting, cuz people will most likely notice that it looks like knitting anyhow. Or I could…..??

Yea, I think I will just call it knitting.

Wrong/Back side of work

[EDIT: The Japanese call knooking “Ipponbari”! I am so going to call it that! 218pm]