I am in love, love, love…

I see Lil’E=MC^2 & Miss R, usually every Friday afternoon just have a bit of face-to-face, human interaction & conversation– We’ll have a bit of lunch, catch up with what’s been going on for the last week, talk about what everyone’s doing for the upcoming weekend and I treasure the time we have together, the three of us, more than I ever thought possible.

Lil’E=MC^2 is already now eight(!!) months old and I am so happy that we get to visit together every week to watch her grow & develop. I know this sounds rather silly, but I am so thrilled that she recognizes me and gives me the most adorable toothless smile whenever we meet at the door, or when she wakes up from a nap, or when she’s being all silly and distracted while trying to be nursed. Her personality’s developing and I love watching everything unfold, one step at a time.

I was so pleasantly surprised & thrilled this afternoon that Lil’E=MC^2 greeted me with a smile & stretched out, wanting to me to hold her. Once I had removed all my hardware and dropped my bags, Miss R handed her sweet little bundle of joy to me, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she snuggled right into my neck & shoulder.

That hug & snuggle was the most amazing experience and it is truly a wonderful feeling to be snuggled by child who has the utmost trust in you.

I hope she never outgrows that.

Change of Plans…

So, I had an appointment with Sinus Guy this week and he scoped me. Owieness.

I don’t think there was any intention on scoping me to begin with, but he asked me how I was doing and I told him about the whole EMG thing and muscle testing and said to him, "So yea, that’s what’s new, but not that it has anything at all to do with my ears, nose or throat." He was amused, I think… as usual. He’s moved offices again and now he’s way hell and gone on the freakin’ other side of the city.

I’ll be going back for a follow-up visit next Monday because it would appear that the intense pain I was having in my right sinus that gave me absolutely horrific pain in my teeth on Saturday has shown that I have something going on. It hasn’t gone into full-blown infection mode, but there is a chance that it’s a virus or bacterial infection that hasn’t come into fruition. Only treatment for the moment that he’s requested that I try is flushing out my sinuses morning & night with the usual saline rinse and then giving myself two squirts of a decongestant to see if that helps clears stuff up.

So far… no luck. It gave me incredible pain again tonight after dindin and I was just wanting to stab myself in the teeth I was in so much pain. I did, sort of do that in the end — I have these pre-strung(?) dental floss picks with a pointy end that can be used as a dental pick and basically jammed that in between my teeth and it helped relieve some of the pain, surprisingly. But other than that, I flushed my sinuses twice tonight I was so owie and then squirted myself twice in each nostril with Otrivin. I don’t know if next Monday can come soon enough at this rate :(

When I got home from my appointment yesterday, I got a call from GI Guy — turns out there was a scope cancellation for Wednesday and they wanted to know if I wanted to bump up my scope to tomorrow. This is actually kind of a good thing because my stomach has been pretty upset the last few months and really, really owie everytime I bolster myself up with a dose of The Moose :/ Unfortunately the appointment isn’t until 1215pm, so I will be having nothing but clear fluids & a clear breakfast from midnight tonight until 10am tomorrow, and nothing between 10am and my scope. That part will suck something huge. They’re probably also going to be stabbing me with an IV to inject me with a sedative prior to the scope, which means I will have to ask very, very nicely if the nurse who will be stabbing me will grant me the wish of putting the IV in a rather unconventional vein because of SALLY’s uncooperativeness with most needles. Speaking of needles, I had my bloodwork yesterday morning and damnit, the tech blew both my veins. It wasn’t intentional, but something just wasn’t working and now I have two bruises from blood draws on top of the bruise I have from the muscle testing last week -_-;;;

Other than that, I got yet another phone call this afternoon while I was out picking up my Viagra from the PLC from Rheumy II’s office asking if I had received any word from the insurance company on whether or not they are going to cover the Cellcept. Thusfar, no word or communications of any sort.

On a much cheerier note, I made a decision last week Friday after my weekly visit with Miss R and Lil’Miss E=MC^2 to spend a little bit of money to make our house a little more kidlet friendly.

Now that the Little’Uns are more aware of their surroundings, I assume that they will probably be interested in toys soon enough and having places for them to sit will be most helpful. After attempting to put Lil’E=MC^2 in a seated position, but realizing that she’s still not 100% strong enough to keep herself upright, we originally tried strapping her with her back against a kitchen chair and tucking on either side of her a small pillow or stuffed animal to try and keep her vertical, but she still ended up listing sideways from lack of strength. After lunch, we talked about what we could possibly do keep her at the table with us whilst eating lunch, but making it slightly more comfortable for her until she’s strong enough to sit up on her own in a proper high chair and Miss R mentioned that she had a Bumbo Chair at home that she could bring along on visits, she’s just waiting for J to give it a good thorough high powered hosedown since their’s is pretty dirty from its previous owner’s kids (J‘s niece & nephew).

After we talked about the Bumbo Chair, I thought about other things that Lil’E=MC^2 and D&K’s Baby D might need in the future if they’re going to stay an important part of our lives and mentioned to The Hubbs that I would like to buy a few things for the babies to make their time at our house a kid-friendlier place. I’m not going to go and spend oodles and oodles of money on tons and tons of toys — a brand new Bumbo is $75! But instead, I know that The Hubbs’ nieces and nephew are just the right age to have already started outgrowing some of their stuff and The Hubbs’ sister has more than happily offered to pass along some of their stuff to us for the wee ones to enjoy while they’re at our house. This is pretty awesome and to top it all off, I found a second hand Bumbo for only $30 and it included a table, to boot! I am super thrilled with this purchase for some reason and can’t wait to give it a go with either Lil’E or Baby D on Friday when we get together with all the girls for our monthly craft day.

Just this little act of getting a baby chair makes me incredibly happy because as I realized last night: Little E=MC^2 is the daughter that we will never have and she is giving us the opportunity, in a small capacity, to be the new parents we will never get to be. So little things, like buying baby furniture for our house and baby toys, is a wonderful heart-warming experience.