Vague update…

So I saw Fam Doc on Monday as planned and I also got a return phonecall from Cow-Stamp Doc to book an appointment.

Appointment is booked for after we get back from our trip… which is great, that means it’s only 3 weeks away! But… that means it’s three weeks away, which therefor means that I will be suffering with this whole messy episode for another three weeks -_-;;; GUH.

ANyhow. My appointment with Fam Doc went swimmingly, for a lack of a better term. We had a little bit of a chat and decided on top of doing some bloodwork, he wanted to have me do a Pelvic Ultrasound.

The bloodwork is because I made mention that a few months ago, I had noticed that my boobs just felt weird and I seem to have the most bizarre looking crustiness going on around my nipples. Seeing as the normal reason Domperidone is prescribed is for women dealing with lactation issues, GI Guy did warn me a few years back not to worry if I randomly started some milk production.. o_O;

So we managed to get all of those appointments booked in a decent amount of time to see that nothing freakish was going on with my insides like the presence of polyps or whatever and he kind of left it at that. Except he asked me for permission to order a vaginal ultrasound.

WTF -_-;;;

The ultrasound was booked as ‘urgent’ and I managed to get an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. I have to say, and this is going to be entirely a moment of TMI: in terms of ultrasounds, this one was rather… well, I’m actually kind of embarassed to say that during the exam, I couldn’t decide if I was grossed out or turned on while I was having it done. It was rather fascinating and disturbing all at once.

Fam Doc should have the ultrasound results by end of the week at the latest (meaning, he should already have them) and since I did the bloodwork today, he should have those results by Monday. When I see him on Tuesday for follow-up and to do any last-chance stuff before our trip, this will be the day to figure out what’s going on.

I’m really not sure as to how I should be feeling about this whole week’s testings. I’m not even sure if when the techs were doing my ultrasound if they found anything weird or not since they asked me if they could press on a few parts of my tummy to get better pictures.

Guess there’s not much point worrying about it — I’ll just have to make sure to pack my lunapads and liners for this trip. I lamented a few months ago that I missed buying & wearing pads, but I honestly didn’t want for my body to grant me the opportunity ~NOW~ of all times.



It’s that time of year again!

You know what that means… time for new bras!

It would seem that I’ve found my new favourite brand… and it’s not cheap, not that that’s much of a surprise, but they’re oh so pretty!

The Cat’s Pyjamas has done some extensive renovations that I wasn’t aware of and now the place is absolutely stunning with probably an obscenely huge collection of bras from all over Europe. I am beyond thilled.

Of course, the minor problem for me is that with the exception of my everyday bras (read: sports bras with underwires that actually keep you IN), pretty bras are really hard to come by in my size that are a proper fit. It’s not that I’m particularly huge, though I am unfortunately still well-enough endowed, but over the last couple of years my constant inactivity has resulted in a somewhat puffier stature which makes looking good in a pretty bra, less than ideal. Depending on the style and brand, I now fall somewhere between a C & D cup.

I will still say this — getting the proper size, fit and style is crucial.

So what’d I get this time? The Melody from Empreinte:

I love that the straps are slightly wider at the shoulder, as well as the cups being lined with satin piping. The cups are really pretty and offers full coverage even though it’s lace, which would imply too much peekaboo action.

I did get another style which is a full coverage black and white floral, but not lace. I would almost say it’s like “spandexy”, know what I mean? I can’t seem to find a picture of it, otherwise I would post it here… it could be a spring/summer release and therefore not on Empreinte’s website.

So that’s been the start to the August long weekend… spending lots of monays on pretty stuff.

What the hell..?

I don’t get it, my body hates me or something.

It could very well be my imagination, but my left boob… is H-U-G-E. (And It kina hurts but I’m not sure.)

Like, abnormally larger than normal.. o_O;



Appointment with Hawt Doc this morning. Guh.

My brain won’t shut up…

I’m having issues tonight.

My brain keeps thinking about my boobs. (HAH!)

I’m worrying that there’s something seriously wrong but part of my brain is saying that it’s most likely of little to no concern, but I’m still stuck thinking about them.

Now I’m kina wishing Family Doc would call earlier rather than make me wait til next week to see him :(

My boobs hurt.



That was a rather interesting experience.

I don’t think I’ve ever had my breath taken away from me so painfully in my life.

Truth be told, it wasn’t THAT painful… but it certainly wouldn’t be categorized as being a pleasant experience.

We’ll see what happens in 2 weeks time when I see Family Doc for my monthly visit.

Worst case scenario would be his office calls me up to say they wanna see me earlier than that.

Keep your fingers crossed, everyone.


In other news: As consolation prize for a rather cruddy start to 2009, I got to go “squishy shopping”.

It seems like the hard times may be starting — Knit 1 Chat Too is going out of business after a year of trying to sell the business and so everything in the shop is on sale. Yarns, books, mags, patterns, as well as all the hardware in the store like shelving units, sofas, tables & chairs. It was rather sad to see given that the owners of Make 1 Yarns is also trying to sell their business, though not shutting down to my knowledge.

My splurge for the month consisted of 4 magazine back issues, 4 balls of squishy 50% merino/50% alpaca and 2 hanks of this gorgeous sea & sky blue cotton.

Now it’s time for me to make some lunchie and throw dindin in the crockpot.


I have a mammogram at 945am tomorrow morning -_-;

Somehow the thought of my boobs being squished between two metal plates is a far more scary prospect than the notion of finding bad lumps that shouldn’t be there.

Go figure.

A few things in a nutshell…

It’s five in the morning and I’ve had probably something around 2-3 hours of sleep… tops. I have an appointment at 715am that I am not thrilled with. In the scheme of things it’s a rather unexciting ultrasound of my breasts (wee!) with the off chance I might have some stabbity-stabbity action to have cysts drained, if they find any. The problem is, my brain being what it is, I’ve been up all night with this nagging feeling that it’s “not just cysts”. Best case scenario is there is nothing going on and it’s just my body (or SALLY) doing whatever it damn well pleases. Worst case scenario: well, you can easily guess where my brain has been residing all night. I know it’s my brain in hypochondriac-paranoia mode, but.. yea. *sigh*

In other more exciting news: I went downtown with Favourite yesterday. He’s off all week because cousin M’s in town from Montreal (the boy is 47 or 48??) for a little holiday. My parents took him to do the Banff/Lake Louise tour so they were gone all day. Favourite decided that he needed to spend whatever remained on his health spending account with work and new glasses was on the agenda, so we went to look at some new frames at his eye doc’s place in Esso Plaza (or whatever it’s called nowadays).

It’s kind of neat seeing people.. in general.. walking around going about their normal existences.

His eyeglasses place had some REALLY cool looking frames… I’m quite jealous. I can’t remember if I’m due for a new set of specs yet or not, but I think the answer is most likely no ^_- The ones in particular that caught my eye have arms that look like they’ve had a laser die-cut job – they look like they have a cut-out floral pattern! So cool. I’ll have to check out to see what the Eyesite in Crowfoot is carrying for the new season :D

Amusing thought for the day: If you go to Wendy’s looking for a frosty and see “strawberry yoghurt” on the menu, it’s not what you think it is… Or in this case, it’s not what Favourite thought it was.

When we were done glasses shopping, I had called up The Hubbs to come over and say hi before we left. Favourite treated us each to a frosty. When we got to the counter, he saw strawberry yoghurt listed under frosty on the menu and said, “Hmm! I think I’ll have a strawberry frozen yoghurt!”.

Two small frosties & a strawberry yoghurt later, we were presented with: 2 small frosties… and a carton of dairyland strawberry yoghurt. NOT a frozen yoghurt as he had assumed. You could see the gears turning in his head as he held it in his hand. *Processing! Processing! Error! Error! Carton of strawberry yoghurt does not compute!* He looked at it and stared at it, cocked his head to one side, continued to stare at it dumbfounded and went, “Uhh.. it’s… strawberry yoghurt!”

The lady behind the counter probably thought we were strange (or stupid) – in the end he asked if he could exchange it for a frosty and she gave him a medium frosty for it. Yup that’s my baby brother for you. Smart, but sometimes his assumptions are just all wrong ;D

So yea, I’m awake. My brain is thinking worst scenario thoughts and I am highly displeased about it because there is absolutely NO GOOD REASON FOR ME TO BE THINKING THIS WAY.