Project #Ranma!

As I wrote in my original post, I suppose I ought to explain what Project #Ranma! Amigurumi is all about.

For the last eight years, some wonderful people that I have become exceedingly close with, have been absolutely amazing friends in cheering me up and just being there for me (and The Hubbs!) whilst all sorts of strange and scary things have occurred in my life.

They’ve done wonderful things like sent me surprise care packages, on numerous occasions, sent me hundreds of virtual hugs as needed and for no reason at all, as well as stayed up til all hours of the night chatting about all sorts of craziness that’s going on in my body.

I discovered, during the summer of 2012, that I really like making things! Specifically, soft squishy things made out of yarn and stuffed to the brim with their own personalities. And that’s when I realized that I could make everyone a soft squishy friend as a thank you. Not because their friendship, caring & generosity warrants an official prize, but because I want them to know how much they’ve meant to me during these questionable times.

This is how Project #Ranma! Amigurumi came about: Everyone being an amazing support network for me, and just being the wonderful people they are..

Everyone has chosen a pattern that speaks to them most and the patterns have now all been queued and I will be getting to them as soon as I can, one at a time. There is no deadline for this project, but I am making it my goal to do every single one of the patterns requested.

I wuvs you all ^_^ xoxo
March 17, 2013


Project #Ranma!: Domo-Kun

Project #Ranma!: Pachirisu

Project #Ranma!: Bullet Bill

Project #Ranma!: Obiwan Kenobi — Young & Old

Project #Ranma!: Rainicorn

Project #Ranma!: Ewoks –#1, #2, #3

Project #Ranma!:

Project #Ranma!:

Project #Ranma!:

Project #Ranma!:

Project #Ranma!:


Project Love: Totoro

Project Niece: Kirby

Project Goddaughter: Arthur the Unicorn

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